Freezing Rain Concerns


The folks at HPC are pretty good at depicting types and amounts of precipitation.
With that being said, this morning they have updated their forecast for freezing rain across the mid-south.

The chances of freezing rain looks particularly high from central Mississippi into north central Alabama.
They are indicating a 50-60% chance of over .10 of inch of ice.

The concerns here turn to the fact that ice accumulations on trees and power lines could become a real threat.

While the snow chances remain in the outlook and forecast for north Alabama, it’s on the southern edge of the snow where the ice may become a problem.

The freezing rain threat will include major population areas of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa as well as anywhere in the I-20 Corridor.

This forecast will be fine-tuned as we approach the event.
Now is the time to take some precautions and prepare for the possibility of limited to no travel and power outages.