Sunday Morning Update


Widespread showers has affected all of Alabama this morning, with plenty of thunderstorms across southern areas of the state.
This rain has moved quickly to the east, and out of much of the state.  The exception are the southeast counties, where a tornado watch remains in affect until 4 pm. It’s likely that this area will see the watch lifted as the storms continue to move east and out of the area.

A weak low pressure area positioned over Arkansas will shift eastward and into west Alabama by this evening.
Meanwhile a warm front will continue to push northward, bringing most of the state into the warm sector by this afternoon.

We will be watching for any breaks in the clouds and warming in the atmosphere. We could see thunderstorms redevelop later.
With strong deep-layer shear in place, this would support a risk of damaging winds and large hail.

A likely scenario is for thunderstorms to redevelop near the central Mississippi/Alabama border late this afternoon and shift northeastward with the weakening surface wave. A secondary and stronger surface low becomes established across the Gulf of Mexico. This would provide scattered thundershowers for all but the extreme northern sections of the state into the evening.

Colder and more stable air will spread southeastward and transitioning the thundershowers into light rain overnight.