High Pressure Holding Storms Away

Alabama remains within a dominant high pressure ridge that covers much of the southeast.

A weak cool front is draped just north of Alabama, over the Ohio Valley region. Strong thunderstorms have developed in Tennessee and extreme southern Kentucky this afternoon.

A very strong cap in our atmosphere should knock out any of these storms tonight, before they would arrive in extreme north Alabama.

There may be some weakness in the high pressure on Friday and there is a slight chance of a few thundershowers Friday afternoon in north Alabama. At this time, chances seem less than 10% for seeing any rain.

There are some hints of weak impulses that could move across the state through the weekend.

Even if we see some thundershower activity, it should be widely scattered with less than 20% chance of getting wet.

Overall, the weekend weather forecast will generally remain warm and dry. Highs in the afternoon will reach around 90 each day.