Good Rain Chances Across the North



We’ve been watching a complex of thunderstorms over north Mississippi and southwest Tennessee early this morning. Widespread flash flood warnings have been issued as numerous reports of 3 to 5 inches of rainfall has occurred over that region.

It appears that this system will clip northwest Alabama this morning…while the complex moves slowly northeast.

This area will also be the focus for additional shower and thunderstorm development across the north through this morning and into the afternoon.

The central part of the state will see some development of scattered storms while the southern part of the state is expected to remain the most isolated.

Temperatures today will be limited by clouds across the north to the 80’s… while 90 will be common across the southern part of the state.

High pressure over the northern Gulf will extend north and westward into the state by Monday. This will thin out the storms and allow the temperatures to rise into the 90’s for the start of the week.