Cooler and Drier Airmass Arrives

A much cooler and less humid air mass is filtering into Alabama this morning with temperatures dropping into the upper 50’s and low 60’s across north Alabama.

We expect to see lots of sunshine across the state today as northerly winds continues to bring in the drier air.

Highs this afternoon will only reach 80-82 across the northern third of the state. The dew points will likely drop into the upper 50’s which is almost unheard of for this time of year.

Even though the affects of the front will be felt all the way into south Alabama, temperatures will still reach into the mid and upper 80’s in this region of the state. The drier air there will help reduce rain chances to slight in the southern third of the state.

More cool air arrives tonight with widespread lows in the 50’s across north and central parts of the state.

Southern areas won’t be left out from cooler temperatures as lows in the low to mid 60’s will be experienced in this region.