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Since I changed up the format of from a static webpage earlier this year to a blog, I’ve had the pleasure to update Alabama Weather on a daily basis.

I don’t attempt to hype the weather events or overtake any forecasts or advisories from the National Weather Service. Information is key to know what actions folks should take during severe weather. This blog is published with the intent of helping folks receive their local weather information 24/7 on any electronic device.

One thing folks in Alabama all know is our weather rarely becomes boring. Regardless of the time of year, Alabamians know severe weather is possible.

Twitter is the format that seems to work well for weather related updates. Technology has allowed almost everyone to have a cell phone or device that allows anyone to snap a photo and post weather conditions at their current location.

These kind of updates are valuable and can be life-saving information during extreme weather events. Twitter allows anyone to quickly post an update that can be relayed to others instantly.

I invite you to follow Alabama Weather on Twitter, and I want you to feel free and Tweet me your weather posts. I may Retweet your posts to share with others following Alabama Weather.

I realize that most folks connect via Facebook, however in recent months, receiving time sensitive information is not possible due to changes in the Facebook format. Instant updates through Facebook are now history, and I don’t see the value in putting time and effort into weather updates that most folks will never see. You can read more on the lack of Facebook updates here.