Hot with Scattered Storms


The weather across Alabama remains very hot over Alabama early this afternoon. High pressure remains in control, however there are signs of weakening over eastern sections of the state.

As the high weakens, it will allow weak disturbances north of Alabama to move south this afternoon. These will combine with the heat and moisture already in place to produce scattered showers and thunderstorms.

The weather office in Birmingham has removed the heat advisory for sections of east central Alabama due to the weakening high pressure and increasing clouds.

It does look a few degrees cooler than forecast for areas of northeast and east central locations…none the less it will remain hot and humid state wide. The heat advisory will continue for the rest of the state through 9pm tonight.

We expect increasing clouds and shower chances for Sunday…especially over eastern sections of the state. This will also help to lower the daytime high temperatures a bit.

These changes will be reflected in future advisories and forecasts.