Continued Hot with Scattered Storms


Looking at the weather maps this morning, we still have the weak upper level low spinning over southern Mississippi and Alabama.

This continues to pump in the Gulf moisture into Alabama and we expect to see pretty good coverage of scattered storms to continue.

Today’s weather looks much like we seen on Wednesday…as the tropical type weather remains over Alabama.

The combination of daytime heating and plentiful moisture will be the driving factors in storm development.

In addition, numerous outflow boundaries from yesterday’s storm were scattered around the area, and provide additional thunderstorms.

We will need to watch for localized flooding with the storms as well. These storms will be slow moving and dump a large amount of rain in a short period of time.

Clouds did hold back the temperature a bit on Wednesday and expect to see the same today.

Highs across northern sections are expected in the upper 80’s, while low 90’s are expected for southern sections.