Noon Update – Severe Weather Mode

As we move into the Noon hour, we are in severe weather mode for severe weather for all of Alabama that may continue for an extended amount of time.

As the latest guidance comes in for this storm system, we will be making adjustments to the timing and expectations. The greatest threat will be damaging straight-line winds…and west Alabama is expected to have the strongest risk of severe weather.

The graphics below from the Birmingham weather office are a good guide for time of arrival and expected conditions.


We are looking at possibly 2 rounds of weather impacts across Alabama. Round one will be isolated and discreet supercells developing well ahead of the squall line (round 2) is expected later tonight.

The best time frame for the afternoon activity will be 3 pm to 8 pm. Most of the activity will be moving from southwest to northeast this afternoon, but the cells could develop anywhere in the western two thirds of the state during this time.


Round 2 will be the squall line itself. We expect the squall line to be moving into west Alabama by 8 pm this evening. Strong and damaging winds will be possible over a large area. There will be the threat of a few tornadoes along and ahead of this line.

The timing is still subject for more changes as it accelerates or slows down the closer it gets to the state.

Stay tuned for updates through the afternoon and evening hours. Be prepared!