Dynamic Weather System


The current weather system has produced a wide-spread variety of weather for the southeast and Alabama. Temperatures range from around freezing in northwest Alabama into the 60’s in the southern sections late this afternoon.

The front and associated Low pressure system will push east through the evening and night. Widespread rain and showers will continue along the system.

A lot of cold air is located just northwest of the front, and as the Low moves east…the circulation will pull that cold air down into the region.

As the rain tapers off tonight across northern and central sections, it could change to some freezing rain, sleet or maybe a few flakes of snow before ending. We are not expecting any additional significant amounts of frozen precipitation at this time.

Temperatures will fall quickly as the push of cold air moves into the state and many locations should be below freezing by midnight.

The standing water left over from today‚Äôs big rain event could develop into icy patches on bridges and some roads…especially in pour drainage locations. This could allow black ice to develop and create some travel issues tomorrow morning.

Tuesday will be a colder day pretty much state-wide with daytime highs in the 30’s across the north and southern areas in the 40’s.